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The Vortex makes your charcoal grilling

Simple Tasty Exciting

Time tested and American made, the Vortex lets you serve up irresistibly good grub with versatility and ease. Whether you want indirect/direct heat, radiant heat, hot ‘n fast heat, or heat that’s low and slow, you can have it with the Vortex.

All 4 sizes bring competition-quality meats to your table, making the Vortex your only choice for next-level grilling and flavor.

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The secret’s out!

Crispy wings. Beautiful grill marks & seared steaks. Fall-off-the-bone perfection. We kept the method to these mouth-watering traits a secret for too long. But now the secret’s out, and we want you to hear it from the source!

Unlike most grills that gave us a frustratingly uneven cook, the Vortex charcoal grill accessory let us control the direction of the heat for an even cook every time. And it passed every test. Heat just around the edges of the grate to crisp the wings? Check. Heat just in the center of the grate for a perfect steak sear? No problem. 

Together with its durability, stainless steel construction, and amazing versatility, the Vortex is the tool of the trade for jaw-dropping meats and unbeatable flavor. Far from staying a secret, the Vortex has come to help grillers like you serve up consistent, top-notch protein every time you light the coals.

And as if it couldn’t get any better, it also works great with Weber Kettle, Big Green Egg, UDS, Kamado, and most other charcoal grills. Level up your grill skills with Vortex (in)direct heat!


Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking

Perfect for low-and-slow indirect smoking, your Vortex can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat. Just put your Vortex wide-end up, and then put coals around the outside of it. This turns your Vortex into an indirect smoker with amazIng results.


High Heat Searing

As your high-heat searing option, the Vortex placed narrow-side up gives your steaks or chops an even sear and cook. Just move the meat off to the side if you want it to come up to temperature with indirect heat.

Indirect - Direct

High Heat Indirect Cooking

Ideal for crispy, air fryer-like wings, this method gives you high, even heat upwards and then around the inside of your kettle. Load your Vortex narrow-side up, and put the wings around the edges of the grate. No need for rotating or extra flipping of the wings, because the Vortex will give you an even cook. 


Radiant Heat

Perfect for roasting a tasty chicken, this method deflects direct heat while radiating high heat all around the chicken. Put your Vortex wide-end up, and then put a piece of foil in the bottom to block the air flow and to catch drippings. 

Next, put the chicken on a beer can stand, and pour the chimney full of set coals around the Vortex. Finally, rotate the exhaust (kettle only) 45 degrees every 20 minutes for the best results.

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